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Ventspils Airport (ICAO – EVVA, IATA: VNT) is a civil aviation airport, which specializes in general aviation services in other words it is certified for visual flights during daylight and after dark.

Airport is located 3,5 km southwest of Ventspils, Latvia, and is one of the three notable airports in the country. Aerodrome has one asphalt-concrete runway (1,298 m in length × 32 m wide). Technical parameters of the aerodrome allow operating aircraft with a maximum take-off weight up to 30 tones.

The mission of Ventspils Airport is to meet the needs of aviation-related organizations and the public interest for an efficient and safe general aviation airport service in the Kurzeme region, as well as to ensure the continuous development of airport technology and infrastructure.

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Runway 1298 m / 32 m
Apron servicing
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Fuel JET A-1
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